Daventry District Council and Daventry Town Council are working together to prepare a new Daventry Town Centre Vision to 2035 which updates the previous vision.

The purpose of the Vision is to set out a direction of growth for Daventry Town Centre over the next fifteen years (up to 2035). With your support, the Vision will encapsulate the thoughts and views of the local community. Once adopted, the Vision will provide a robust framework which will help to define the evolution of Daventry Town Centre up to 2035.

We hope this platform provides you the tools you need to voice your ideas on the Vision. Please note, Daventry District Council (DDC) has appointed Troy Planning + Design to undertake the stakeholder engagement and consultation exercise for Phase 1 of the 2035 Town Centre Vision. To learn more about the stages of the vision, please click here.

The consultation survey for the Draft Vision 2035 will be open until 10th January 2021. Please feel free to navigate through this website at your own speed. We look forward to hearing from you!